There are a lot of hidden things in the Ravenclaw Common Room. Here are some players who might have been left out.

Hogwarts Legacy lets players make their own characters, who then choose or are given a house. This means that every time you play, it can be very different. If a player is put into Ravenclaw, the house of wit, learning, and wisdom, they can move into the most elegant and fancy common room. This is just one of the many perks of being in Ravenclaw.

The Ravenclaw common room is in Ravenclaw Tower and is filled with blue and gold decorations and white marble. It is a great place to study for your O.W.L.s because it has a lot of desks, books, and a general intellectual feel. But Ravenclaws who were too busy with their homework might not have seen the secrets in their common room.

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