Here are the best artefacts in Cult of the Lamb.

In April 2023, Relics of the Old Faith, a new version from Cult of the Lamb, came out. Massive Monster got a new feature in this update. You can now wear “Relics,” which sometimes give you extra damage during your runs. Relics of the Old Faith added 37 new Relics to the game, most of which are found in the new plot that happens after the game is over.

But there are a few Relics that you get early on and can find while following the main plot. There’s never been a better time to start a new game of Cult of the Lamb, whether you’ve played it before or are just learning about it now.

Ala’s Teeth

Ala's Teeth

You can’t just teleport away when your group needs help in the middle of a run. Ala’s Teeth is helpful in this way because it lets you call down lightning that will, most of the time, kill all of your enemies and clear the room for you.

After that, it’s up to you to figure out what to do while it slowly charges. But if you make sure this relic is ready to go when you enter the final room, you should be able to beat the boss of that run.

Seal Of The Bishops

Seal Of The Bishops

Seal of the Bishops is a cool little treasure because it stops time in that room, even if only for a second. During that time, you can still move around and fight your enemies and the world around you.

But be ready to be surprised the first time you use it, because while it’s still alive, this relic will cause an interesting filter to wash over your screen. It is true that sometimes it is hard to see through this screen.

Even so, it’s nice to be able to hurt someone for a short time without getting hurt back.

Toe Of The Icegore

Toe Of The Icegore

Seal of the Bishops and Toe of the Icegore might not look that different at first. But the Toe of the Icegore doesn’t stop time. Instead, it freezes your enemies, making them move much more slowly but not stopping them.

This doesn’t make a weird screen like Seal of the Bishops, but it still has the same benefits. So, if the Seal of the Bishops screen is making it hard for you to see or work, this is a much better choice.

The benefits you get from this Relic are still the same, and they will help keep the little lamb alive.

Laplace’s Dice

Laplace's Dice

Don’t forget about Laplace’s Dice if you’re having trouble getting to one of the Old Gods with enough health. Even though we don’t get to choose our relics on each run, Laplace’s dice could help you win because it can give you half a heart, a full heart, or a spirit heart when you roll it.

Even if you don’t get hit very often as you move through each area, it’s always nice to have a little bit of health as a safety net. After all, the last thing you want when facing a final boss like Shamura is to be caught off guard.

Tail Of The Slythor

Tail Of The Slythor

The Tail of the Slythor poisons all attackers in your room who are still fighting. This one also recharges at an average rate, so you can use it fairly often. This makes it one of the best relics you can find in the Silk Cradle.

Most of the time, your enemies jump up and away from you or move quickly across the screen. If you can poison them, you can get through this last area of Flappy Bird game in a decent amount of time.

Clauneck’s Hair

Clauneck's Hair

If you’re wearing the Fleece of the Fates, this is a great relic to find on every mission. For every tarot card you have, every enemy you attack will take more damage when you use this relic. With the Fleece of the Fates, you’ll do at least four times more damage right away.

You have a small chance of getting this treasure at the start of each run, but you can still hope it will happen.

Kudaii’s Toenail

Kudaii's Toenail

Even though it has a horrible name, this item is great if you have to use a curse you don’t like. In Cult of the Lamb, not every curse is the same. Some are much better than others.

It depends on how you play, but Kudaii’s Toenail will help you call up a higher-level curse until you find one you like.

You can, of course, keep going through the curses and trying out different ones if you’re having fun. Your zeal is the only thing that will stop you.

Clauneck’s Shoe

Clauneck's Shoe

Even though Clauneck’s shoe isn’t given to you, it’s easy to find behind the lighthouse in Pilgrim’s Passage after you meet with Chemach. When you use this relic, it fires three bullets for every tarot card you have.

With the Fleece of the Fates, you can be sure to get at least four tarot cards, but you can get a lot more than that without it. Even if you don’t collect tarot cards, this treasure will still shoot out two projectiles.

Kudaii’s Finger

Kudaii's Finger

Sometimes you have to use a tool you don’t like. It could be the hammer or axe because of how slowly they swing, or it could be the sword because it does less damage, but no matter what weapon you hate, it can make runs very hard or very unpleasant.

The relic of Kudaii’s Finger is here to fix that. With this relic, you can call up a higher-level weapon to help you get through each room. If you don’t like it, you can wait for it to recover and try again.

If you’re having trouble finding Kudaii’s Finger, make sure you can get to the Smuggler’s Sanctuary. There, you can “tickle” the mouth of the big fish to get Kudaii’s Finger out.

Beak Of The Fowler

Beak Of The Fowler

This treasure isn’t given to you right away, but it’s not hard to get it. Once you’ve gotten into Pilgrim’s Passage and talked to Chemach, it’s easy to fish up the Beck of the Fowler treasure. It will let you instantly refill your fervour, and as a bonus, it recharges quickly.

You’ll have a smooth and easy run if you combine this relic with the new cape, Fleece of the Fervour’s Favour, which lets you heal during each run by using fervour.

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