How to Store Your Jewellery Correctly

Even if jewellery is comprised of metal and gemstones, you shouldn’t just leave it lying about the home! You must properly preserve your jewellery in order to maintain it in top shape. Continue reading to discover additional storage tips for jewellery.

Necklaces: How to Store 5 Types of Jewellery

Necklaces may become so twisted up so easily that they are infamously difficult to store! Contrary to common opinion, hanging them up is not the best method to keep them. Instead, place each one in a little plastic bag. The chain may get strained over time if necklaces are hung up, particularly if a large pendant is fastened to the chain or if the necklace is a strung pearl or bead necklace. Make care to cover the clasped section of the necklace while inserting it into the bag by clipping the opening over it. In this manner, the necklace may be stored without becoming twisted or knotted. You may also prevent major jewellery box tangles by keeping each necklace in its own bag.


Numerous methods may be used to keep earrings. You may group your bridal jewellery sets online by placing a pair in each compartment of your jewellery box. We advise using a little piece of paper for studs. Pierce the paper with the stud earring, then reattach it from behind the paper. You may keep all of your earrings and earring backs in the same location in this method. To avoid scratching priceless, delicate stones like pearls or opals, you can also place them in separate bags.


Bracelets should be arranged separately, much like necklaces, with one end clipped by the bag’s entrance to prevent tangling. String bracelets, especially stretch ones, should never be hung up since the weight of the beads can cause the elastic to weaken and loosen over time and even break.


Ring dishes and ring stackers may be adorable, but we’re not big fans of them because the repeated rubbing of rings against one another might eventually lead to scratches. We like cushioned ring boxes with slots where the ring may be inserted between two rolls of cloth. The rings are prevented from rubbing against one another by this manner of storing. Again, if you don’t have a cushioned ring box with compartments, you can fall back on separate bags.


The easiest way to store watches is in their original packaging or a cloth bag. Remember that some of them are solar-powered, so you may need to periodically put them outside for absorption to recharge them. As high hits can harm the crystal or clockwork, be sure to do this while placing the watch in a safe place where it cannot be toppled over.

General Storage Advice for Jewellery

Make sure your jewellery is kept in a secure, mostly dry environment. For sterling silver and plated jewellery, humidity is harmful because it makes oxidation and rust worse.

Avoid leaving your jewellery box close to a radiator or other heat source since pearls and opals require specific care and cannot be kept in places that are too hot. Make careful to store stones that fade in sunshine, such as kunzite, amethyst, and rose quartz, in a bag or box where they won’t be exposed all the time.

You are now knowledgeable on how to preserve jewellery appropriately. Please leave a comment below if you have any queries so that we can assist you.

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