How to Handle Stepping on a Stud Earring

So you stepped on an earring stud. Ouch! That would be worse than tripping over a Lego brick. It’s likely that the earring became worse off in addition to the discomfort in your foot. The good news is that you can take steps to solve the issue. The following information can help you restore your earring to its original condition:

1. Verify your wellbeing Safety first!

The first thing to do if you didn’t have shoes on when you walked on the earring is to make sure you’re okay. If the earring caused a skin puncture, you should probably get the wound examined. Bring the stud earring with you when you go to see a doctor so they may examine the area after you clean it, bandage it, and go. Be cautious to get medical attention since metal puncture wounds can become infected. (While we are quite knowledgeable about jewellery, we do not profess to be experts on health; for that, you should consult the professionals.) Examining the condition of your earring can wait until you are certain that you are fine and don’t require any repairs.

2. Quantify the harm

Examine the earring to determine the extent of the damage. The stud will probably be twisted, maybe even snapped in half, or detached from the earring itself if you did wear shoes. Fortunately, repairing the metal in an earring post is not difficult. Examine the remainder of the earring after looking at the metal. Because each pair of stud earrings is unique, the type of repairs needed will vary depending on the damage. Has any jewellery fallen out? Is any of the enamel broken or cracked? Any prongs that were broken or bent? It will be crucial to assess all the damage to see what can be fixed and choose your next course of action.

3. Take Pictures Before sending your stud earrings in for repair

It’s a good idea to take pictures of each component. Take photos of both studs to demonstrate the comparison if they are a pair and just one of them is damaged. The jeweller will be better able to appreciate what they are repairing if they can see how the earring appeared before to being stomped on. If both earrings end up being twisted or broken, attempt to get a photo from before the damage so you can compare them. Alternatively, if you bought it at a store, the manufacturer may have a photo on their website that serves as a useful reference.

4. Send Your Stud Earrings for Repair via Mail

The part where we remove the issue off your hands is the greatest. Send your broken earring to Swarajshop through mail for a quick and effective fix. You can browse through our services and select the one that best suits your needs. To help your professional jeweller understand the repairs that are required, you may also upload all the images you’ve taken.

Fixing Options

Depending on what your earring requires, a variety of repair procedures are offered. Swarajshop provides earring back soldering to reattach the parts if the earring post completely detached. In the event that the earring post was lost, we may give you a replacement back. Check out our replacement service if a gemstone was lost, split, or shattered. We also provide prong replacement services if the metal prongs that secured the gem are broken.

With an earring back conversion, you might also use this as an opportunity to completely alter the sort of earrings you wear. If you switch the post back to a leverback or wire, your studs would actually function better as drop earrings now that you give it some thought.

5. Resuming donning your studs

Wear your earrings proudly once you’ve gotten them back! Additionally, keep in mind to choose a secure location to keep your jewellery to safeguard both your feet and your imitation jewellery sets. To store stud earrings, we like to use ornamental dishes, jewellery boxes, or earring ladders; placing them safely on your shelf will stop any potential slip-ups (pun intended).

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